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Tickertape messaging is so named because incoming text messages are displayed on a horizontal scrolling tickertape display. Depending on your client software the tickertape might be part of the desktop or a floating window, it might allow multiple tickertapes and may support alternate views of messages, such as a tree view. However all clients use the tickertape format as their main interface for one key reason: ticker display uses minimal screen space and can be continuously visible without disrupting other applications. This allows tickertape to be just as easily used as a medium for broadcast messages such as RSS news feeds as a general chat venue for groups of people.

Example Tickertape
Example Tickertape Display

CB Radio For The Internet

Tickertape can be thought of as internet CB radio with an infinite number of channels. Unlike traditional IM, the tickertape approach does not require you to log into chat rooms to participate in a conversation - you are always connected. Tickertape allows you to be listening to hundreds of channels at the same time, and can even simultaneously scan all channels for messages of interest by using Elvin's sophisticated subscription language. For example, you could scan all channels for the keyword "tickertape" by giving Elvin a rule as simple as contains (Message, "tickertape").

Lightweight Email

Tickertape messages can be richer in content than normal text messages. Like email, they can have attachments which are often used by the news feeds to link the news web page. They can also refer to the message which they are replying to, reducing confusion when large numbers of people are talking on a single channel.

Internet Scale

Tickertape messages are routed by the Elvin event router which, as well as providing a very high level of performance, can be easily federated with other Elvin routers. Such a federated network of Elvin routers is highly scalable, with only events that clients have expressed an interest in being exchanged.

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