The projects hosted by this site include tickertape and virtual presence clients as well as tickertape news producers and various related utilities. If you've written a utility or news producer and would like it listed here then let us know.

Ticker Clients


aquatik is a Mac OS X (Cocoa) tickertape client written in ObjectiveC by michael lawley.


Sticker is a desktop tickertape messaging client that specialises in flexible handling of ticker messages. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix. Sticker is developed by Matthew Phillips from DSTO.


Tinkle is a native tickertape client for Mac OS X. Unlike most other clients it doesn't actually have a tickertape display, using an IRC-like message log instead.


xtickertape is a full featured X11 chat tool and information feed tickertape for Elvin.

Ticker News Producers


Scoop is a NNTP (Internet news) to Elvin gateway, allowing real-time searching and filtering on any part of the news posts. Currently only the obsolete Elvin 3 (Scoop 1.1) version is available for direct download, but the new Elvin 4 version (Scoop 2.0) is available from CVS and should be available directly soon.


cvs2ticker is a Python script that produces Tickertape notifications giving the details of each CVS commit. It can include an attachment pointing to an accompanying CGI script that provides more detailed information, and can link to other resources such as viewcvs.


mail2ticker translates new email messages into tickertape notifications.



tick is a simple Unix client which generates Tickertape messages from the command line. It is useful for shell scripts and is a good example program for the use of unotify (simple connectionless message sending). We use this as a lightweight client for producing mail2ticker messages and for general shell programming.