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XTickertape is an demonstration of how much information can be extracted from a single line of scrolling text. It can receive elvin notifications from a variety news sources (including CVS) and also from other tickertapes. It relies on the Motif widget set although it is known to work with LessTif.

xtickertape 2.0

This is the latest release.

It requires libelvin version 4.0.0-4.3.x. RPMs and DEBs will be made available soon.

Unix (source) Version Download
  A wide range of Unix versions are supported using a source code distribution. It will build happily against 4.0.0 through 4.3.x releases of Elvin C SDK.
Various Source

Overview of changes in xtickertape-2.0rc1

Overview of changes in xtickertape-2.0b2